Become a Mentee

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  • Build Your Network. Are you a new graduate? A student? Someone who is new to the profession? The SECP mentoring group can partner you with someone that can show you how to build your network.
  • Career Guidance. Don’t know what you want to be when you grow up? Struggling with whether to go into consulting or academia? Many of us have been in your shoes. A mentor can offer you some perspective and to assist you on your path.
  • Committee Adoption. Many students and early career professionals are hesitant to join AIHA committees because they are not experts in that field or topic. That is the perfect reason to join a committee. Ask us about how to be adopted by a committee you are interested in and build your expertise as you build valuable connections.
*PLEASE NOTE: you must be an active AIHA member to enroll in the mentoring program.*

Two Easy Steps

  1. Step One: Complete Your Mentee Enrollment Form

  2. Step Two: Complete Your Mentor Preference Form page

The more information you provide = the best match for you!

Need help? Click here to watch an instructional video on how to enroll or visit our FAQ page.