Mentor FAQs

Q: What is the role of a mentor?
A: Mentors are asked to:

  • Act as a confidential and trusted advisor
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude and serve as a positive role model 
  • Willing to share relevant information, skills, knowledge and expertise 
  • Assist in purposeful networking and takes a personal interest in the mentoring relationship 
  • Provide guidance and provide honest and direct feedback 
  • Set and meet ongoing personal and professional goals 
  • Values the opinions and initiatives of others 
  • Exhibit enthusiasm about the profession and the Association 
  • Value ongoing learning and growth in the profession 
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity, and respect for and responsibility for stewardship 

Q: What’s in this for me as a mentor?

A: As a mentor you will:

  • Identify and help your mentee correct gaps in skills and knowledge 
  • Expand your professional and personal networks 
  • Have exposure to a new point of view and ideas 
  • Gain professional and personal development 
  • Gain leadership development skills  
  • Reinforce your own knowledge of a subject 
  • Boost your confidence, motivation and self-awareness 
  • Enhance your CV and further your volunteer experience 
  • Potential to earn CE credits 

Q: How do I become a mentor?

A: Follow these steps:

Still need help? Watch this helpful video!

Q: How will I be matched with a mentee?

A: Once you’ve updated your member profile and completed the mentor enrollment, you will be asked to complete a mentee preference form, which will provide you with a list of potential mentees. You can learn about each of them by visiting their member profile pages and then select the mentee you prefer. Once your invitation has been accepted, you will be notified 

Q: I know who I want as a mentee, how do I invite him/her?

A: Visit the mentee preference page, scroll to the bottom and add in his/her name in the ‘Name’ field; if they are in our database you should see them listed as an option. Then select the ‘Match Me with a Mentee’ button.

Q: What should I do if I get a ‘No Data Found’ message?

A: Try to open your preference options and limit them by what matters the most to you and redo the search. If the ‘No Data Found’ ’message pops up when you enter a specific person, company or location then that information is not in our database, redo your search.  

Q: How do I find a mentee that lives near me?

A: Visit the mentee preference page, scroll to the bottom and complete the ‘location’ field; if there are any mentees near the address, city or zip code you entered, you should see them listed as an option.

Q: What should I do once I'm a mentor?

A: As a mentor it’s your responsibility to reach out to the mentee to arrange an initial meeting and discuss scheduling. Some possible ideas on what to discuss on the first meeting are:

  • Articulate initial goals for the relationship (skill development, career guidance and professional growth, for example)
  • Communicate the preferred means of interaction, whether it be in person, on the phone, virtual meetings, etc.
  • Discuss when you will meet and how often according to both your schedules
  • Discuss your current job responsibilities
  • Explain how you got into the profession
  • Discuss the necessary academic and personal preparation needed for your career
  • Share your feelings on the importance of networking and continued professional development

Q: What are some suggested things I could do with my mentee?

  • Lunch (or virtual) with mentee to discuss everyday challenges that you face at work
  • Discuss proper job interview, business, phone etiquette
  • Have them shadow you at work or invite them to a business meeting virtually
  • Attend a local section or volunteer group meeting together
  • Have them observe a special project that you are working on
  • Meet them at the AIHce EXP conference, suggest what sessions they should to attend, and introduce them to colleagues, volunteers and people you know in the industry
  • Help them review their resume and offer suggestions of improvement

Q: How can I get CM credit for mentoring?

A: You must complete a minimum of 6 months of active mentoring upon matching with a menteeReach out to to BGC for details about CE credits. 

Q: What if I can’t meet my mentee in person?

A: Communicate with your mentee as to their preferred means of communication; this includes phone calls or virtual meetings on Skype, Teams, etc. 

Q: How regularly should I meet with my mentee?

A: This should be discussed in your initial meeting and based on both your availability and needs of the mentee.