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 Unbelievable ESA you should Know About Them

Talking about emotional support animals is still taboo for a large portion of our society.  Can dogs eat pineapple dogs love fruit, and pineapple is no exception? In fact, it is one of their favorite fruits! People are not ready to believe that an animal can be an emotional supporter for a human. But it is a fact that an animal can be a human’s best friend when needed. But with the passage of time things are changing and so is the concept of people regarding the ESA. Getting an emotional support letter is being legalized by the government and medical authorities. 

To legally get an ESA, a mental health professional writes an 
emotional support animal letter. In the letter, it is stated that the respective person is mentally ill and needs an esa for emotional support. Usually, there are certain limitations to getting an ESA. There are specific animals that are allowed to be kept as an ESA. But people have different choices and feel comfortable with different animals. 

The following are some unbelievable ESA animals people have had. 

  • Kangaroos

We commonly know kangaroos, a commonly roaming animal in Australia. Some cases showed that some people were so obsessed with them that they had a pet kangaroo as their ESA. 

  • Bearded Dragons

ESA is usually a little, cute, and soft kind of animal. But things are not the same in all cases.

People pet bearded dragons as their ESA and claim that they help them with anxiety issues. 

  • Pigs

Pig is yet another ESA for which people claim to be stress relieving. 

  • Turkeys

There is a large group of people who claim that these big birds are the perfect companion for them to help them with their emotional instabilities. These days many people who face mental health issues demand to keep emotional support animals with them in their houses and need an emotional support dog.


  • Marmosets

Marmosets are very small animals but some people find them their best companions for fighting against depression. 

  • Snakes

Believe it or not, snakes are also emotional support animals of many people out there.

  • Peacocks

Though few would call peacocks affectionate, they apparently provide ample emotional support to those who need it. 

  • Ducks

Most of us like to see ducks swimming in a pond but it is a matter of fact that some people don’t just like to see them but their obsession has the next level. 

  • Chickens

While most of us turn to chicken as the best alternative to red meat, others turn to the feathered fowl for emotional support. 

  • Sugar gliders

These are tiny possums that glide on air can be emotional support animals, too. Can dogs have pineapple dogs love fruit, and pineapple is no exception? In fact, it is one of their favorite fruits! 


  • Spiders

Despite their small size and creepy looks, spiders tend to provide emotional support for some people.  

  • Hedgehogs

These are prickly little animals and surprisingly they are also emotional support animals for their owners.

  • Hamsters

Having a hamster as a pet is a dream of every child. In fact, some people keep them as emotional support pets, too. 

  • Geese

Geese are yet another large bird people keep for emotional support. 

  • Donkeys

Donkeys are apparently another unbelievable example of an emotional support animal. 

  • Rats

Rats may be a disgusting animals for most of us. On the other hand, these small and inconspicuous animals have become an increasingly popular emotional support pet. 

  • Rabbits

According to surveys, rabbits are getting more and more accepted for the emotional support services they provide.

  • Guinea Pigs

If you want an emotional support animal that will sit in your lap, snack on carrots, and be about as unobtrusive as pets get, try a guinea pig on for size.

  • Turtles

Turtles might not be furry and cuddly but still, they are emotional support providers for many people suffering from emotional disorders. Spending time and playing with your emotional support animal can serve as an effective healing therapy for your disturbed mental health.

  • Pigeons

You must have heard about pigeons being messengers back in the old days. But now they have proven to be one of the best ESA as well. 


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