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Top 3 Mistakes Students Make When Writing A Reflective Essay

Looking back at your life and thinking about an event that influenced you greatly or the journey to attain the degree surely brings nostalgia. What if I say that there is also an essay type that requires you to reflect upon your past or any incident? Confused? Let me put an end to all your ambiguities by telling you that I am talking about reflective essays.

Reflective essays are used in various academic courses. So, this type of write my essay task looks easy but wait! Did you get lower grades in a reflective essay and need help? You must be thinking can someone write my essay or help me point out my mistakes so that I can attain good grades. 

If you are also one of those students who are struggling to write a reflective essay, then stop worrying. I will help you out. Below are the top 3 mistakes that most of the students make while they are assigned the task of writing a reflective essay.


Straying away from the topic

It happens most of the time that while reflecting upon old memories many students get carried away and forget the main theme or purpose of an essay. Although, the main point of a reflective essay is to tell the reader about your perspective that does not mean that you add fluff and do not transition from one paragraph to another paragraph without connecting them.

Remember! You need to present the same idea all along your essay to try to make your write my essay for me look like a well-structured story. Do not shy away from adding details. Most of the students miss details about an event making the reader lose interest. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely what details are necessary and what points can be skipped.

Ok, so now you are familiar with the first mistake that you make while writing a reflective, let’s just focus on how to avoid it. You need to brainstorm and then think about the event that you want to describe. After that make an outline and jot down the important details that you remember about that event. Next, make a rough draft and then add minor details. Do not forget to introduce in your essay what your essay will be telling the reader. Do not let the reader wander around in searching for what you want to tell them in your essay.


No thesis statement

Do not, I repeat do not forget the thesis statement since it is the most essential element of your essay. You must be thinking why the thesis statement is necessary for reflective since here you have to tell the reader about your perspective. But have you ever read a story that has no purpose? I know your answer is no since every story has an aim or a message.

Similarly, in your reflective essay you need to mention the thesis statement where you tell the reader, why have you chosen this incident or why you did not choose any other event for your reflective essay writing service and what message your essay will be conveying.

Tip: a Thesis statement should be precise. Therefore, avoid writing a long paragraph.


Proofread and edit

It is a misconception in many students that there is no need to proofread a reflective essay since they have mentioned their perspective. But have you ever wondered what an essay will look without proper punctuation or sentence structure? Of course, it will look vague. The reader will not be able to understand your point. So you must proofread and make changes as required. Also, ensure coherence and clarity.