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It is every health buff’s dream to be able to achieve full control of their biology. This may be why biohacking — the practice of enhancing one’s body and life as a whole — is now gaining traction in the wellness industry.

Although the term itself sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, it actually represents a massive movement that aims to liberate people from the chains of illness, nature, and age. Biohackers also wish to tear down traditional beliefs in health and raise awareness about the possibility of manipulating human physiology.

Interested? Read on to learn more about biohacking and how you can take control of your health without busting your budget.

Biohacking and You

“Biohacking” is the term used for a collection of strategies utilized to allow people to take the driver’s seat when it comes to their health. It aims to offer people a way to become their best selves through systematic approaches to self-improvement.

What Does Biohacking Mean?

Enhancing one’s life is the main goal of biohacking. It encompasses ideas that are unorthodox but effective all the same. As the name suggests, this range of systematic approaches aims to put the “hacker” ethic into play through investigating, measuring, acquiring feedback, and essentially acting on the ultimate goal to create the perfect “you.”

What Qualifies as Biohacking?

While the term seems like something only medical experts and genius scientists can perform, biohacking actually puts simpler methods into play. This means you don’t have to have stem cell therapy to biohack your life.

Remember that biohackers are DIYers of health, which means that even you can perform the methods to take control of your physiology. That said, anything done to manipulate your own biology qualifies as biohacking — from changing your diet to adding more physical activities to your daily routine.

6 Easy-on-the-Pocket Biohacking Strategies You Can Try

After knowing the simplicity of biohacking, it is time for you to learn about how you can apply it on your own. To help you out, here are six strategies that can help you biohack your health while hardly spending any money:

1.      Establish a Better Sleep Routine

The importance of sleep in a person’s health cannot be overstated. You can use this wellness essential to biohack your body by establishing a better sleep routine. There are several ways to do this, including the removal of blue light (screen light from smartphones and tablets) from your bedroom, keeping it dark and cool (, and the proper scheduling of coffee consumption.

While coffee is good for your health, you still need to have a proper schedule for drinking it. Ideally, you should be mindful of consuming caffeinated drinks at least eight hours before you go to sleep. To get the best of both worlds, switch to decaffeinated coffee.

2.      Take Cold Baths

Cold baths can help you boost your metabolism. This is because your body’s exposure to an extreme drop in temperature can trigger a metabolic process called thermogenesis.

Once this process is initiated, your body starts burning fat at a rapid pace to bring warmth to the body. It also boosts blood circulation and helps reduce inflammation.

To achieve thermogenesis, stand under the faucet in a way that the water directly hits your forehead after taking a shower. After that, you should turn the heater off and shower with cold water for at least 10 seconds to allow the cold receptors in your chest and forehead to send a signal to your nervous system to trigger the metabolic process.

3.      Choose Your Food Better

Another thing you can do to biohack your life is to remove food items from your diet that are making you weak and replace those with high-energy food. This means you should reduce your industrial meat intake and replace it with grass-fed alternatives. You can also replace your protein sources with healthier alternatives like grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and organic produce.

Removing gluten-rich and sugary foods is also recommended if you want to keep your gut healthy. This is because gluten can make you look fat while sugar wreaks havoc on the balance of bacteria in your gut.

4.      Handle Stress Better

Stress has always been considered as one of man’s most consistent foes in achieving optimal health. As such, it is imperative that you handle stress well if you want to lead a better life.

One thing you can do to achieve this is to practice gratitude. Being grateful rewires the neurons in your brain to see the positive rather than the negative. To make it more effective, add this to your routine through journaling or talking to your family about the things you are thankful for each day.

Meditation and reducing the so-called “decision fatigue” can also help diminish the level of epinephrine and cortisol — or stress hormones — in your body. Reducing mental fatigue from making too many decisions in one day will also do wonders for your body.

5.      Become Physically Active

Physical activity has always been recommended to achieve a healthy and well-rounded life. Biohackers believe that humans are made to move and not simply to sit in a car or behind a desk all day.

Moving has tons of benefits, including enhancing brain function and reducing muscular tension. It also helps keep stress at bay and improves the quality of sleep.

6.      Bathe in Sunlight

Everyone knows that sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, but did you know that it also offers more benefits for your mind and body?

In biohacking, bathing in sunlight is considered necessary for the regular release of hormones like endorphin and dopamine, both of which are dubbed as “happy chemicals” or “happy hormones.” The rays of the sun also help initiate the release of testosterone, which has been known to aid in men’s fat distribution, bone and muscle health, and red blood cell production.

Ready to Biohack Your Life?

Biohacking, as crazy as the term may seem, is a systematic approach to achieving one’s optimal well-being. The trend continues to gain traction not only because of its novelty, but also due to the fact that the methods used to achieve it are so practical — you do not need to undergo expensive therapies to live a long and healthy life.

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